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Youth Programs

Boys 2 Men

8 Sessions

An eight (8) session pathway to manhood group work program that explores how men look, act, and behave, why do men hurt themselves women and each other feelings and beliefs, gender expectations, gender relations, myths and stereotypes associated with manhood; problem solving, drug and alcohol, and goal setting.

Camp Chic

8 Sessions

Is an eight (8) session passage to womanhood program that explores body image, healthy lifestyle, self esteem, healthy relationships, drugs and alcohol, problem solving, goal setting and social media.

Sense of Community

8 Sessions

Is an eight (8) week early intervention crime prevention program that engages 12 to 14yr olds in exploring areas including shoplifting, theft, vandalism, graffiti, public space, bullying, graffiti and community responsibility.

Challenging Offending

8 Sessions

Emotional literacy program for young offenders that explores: 

  • Your Last Offence
  • Why did I offend?
  • Reasons/excuses
  • Does crime pay?
  • How could I have avoided offending
  • How far would you go?
  • Understanding the victim
  • Offending in the family
  • Good cops/ bad cops
  • Why do we have prisons?
  • Who would you miss?
  • Imagine a world without police and prisons, what would it look like?                                                                    

Intensive School

Mentoring Support Programs

Our Team all have skills and relevant experience to support young people getting intensive support to maintain their ability to remain at School.

This program assists young people to break their day into pieces and focus on getting better outcomes in their education.

This support can be directly in the School and or including supporting families in the area of School attendance.

Individual Strength

Mentoring Programs

Utilising sessions from our range of emotional literacy programs, we can tailor a strength based individual mentoring program that supports young people to understand and builds on their strengths.

The tailored mentoring programs engage young people to recognise development areas and build skills that support increased personal awareness and capacity on how to respond to situations as they present.

Plant Nursery Based Work Readiness


Willow Tree Training Pty Ltd through its director utilises MAJiQ Plant nursery to develop work readiness through mentoring that affords young people a great space to learn new things about themselves and new skills. The Nursery based program provides a friendly, safe, stress free space which works very well with young people who have a level of anxiety or depression.

Building strong communities and organisational partnerships

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