Challenging - Offending

Challenging - Offending is a three day camp or sessional based diversionary program for young people 13-18 years of age and specifically focuses on offending. The Challenging Offending program is a practical approach to working in groups with young offenders and youth at risk, however some of the sessions can be adapted into individual counselling sessions with young people.

Areas covered in the program include:

  • Exploring Offending
  • Temptations and Self Control
  • Victims of Crime
  • Police, Courts, Being Inside
  • Rights and Rules.

Willow Tree Training Pty Ltd, through its Director, Mark Ettridge has overseen the implementation of this program into residential and correctional settings. Willow Tree Training Pty Ltd was also engaged by the South Australian Attorney Generals Department to implement this program into a community setting. This involved training of workers in a LGA to deliver the Challenging Offending Program as an early intervention model.