Boys 2 Men

Is an emotional literacy development passage of rights program for 13-18 year old young men that challenges perceptions about manhood, aiming to lower the level of violence men perpetrate on women, each other and the wider community.
This is achieved by education through information in the areas of image (how men is look and behave), same and cross gender relationships, role models, peer groups, sexual health, problem solving, goal setting, career planning, money management and drug & alcohol.
Through the program young men are provided skills and strategies to manage situations without the need for violence.
The Boys 2 Men program can be delivered as a 3 day camp, over 2 full days or 8 x 2 hour sessions and also involves follow up focus groups 6 and 12 months post program to facilitate measurement of participant learning outcomes and ongoing refinement of the program.
In a community based partnership approach Boys 2 Men has attracted both state government and philanthropic funding facilitating its implementation in NSW and ACT Schools. Through collaboration with Aboriginal organisations the Boys 2 Men program has displayed the capacity to engage cross culturally with young Aboriginal men.
Boys 2 Men as a sessional program has a level of independent evaluation displaying strong evidence in regard to its success in the areas of voluntary participation, participant value, anti social behaviour, school participation and retention.