Over the last 6 weeks, the key learning for me is how amazing the Aboriginal Culture is. Over 40,000 years of stories, lore and connectedness to this great land.

Our arrival has really challenged Aboriginal culture to be both resilient and adaptable to facilitate our at times lack of interest and understanding.

What I have witnessed is the need for Aboriginal culture to be acknowledged and respected, that it still plays a significant role in the development of social structure and attachment to land.

Our project, to develop mediation skills and capacity in the community, must and will respect that in traditional times there would have been indeed people who played this role in their community. To not do so will inflict another non aboriginal model into what clearly is not a non aboriginal context.

We will continue to listen to very wise people, listening will ensure learning and best possible opportunity to respect and incorporate the significant knowledge that exists in the community.

On Monday I witnessed the old way, with brave men speaking passionately from their hearts in seeking peace for their community. This meeting provided a vehicle for the right people to be in an appropriate space to create and have the required talking and listening, a platform to commence the process of conflict resolution (mala mala)

I feel very blessed to have been able to witness this courageous start to a much needed community outcome, lead and participated in by Aboriginal people themselves.

We wish them much success in their journey!!